Since 2014 the Italian Tennis Federation has established the Permanent Technical Centers for the training of the best under 17 national teams and has once again chosen the Tennis Training as a center for central Italy (Bari, Vicenza and Palazzolo sull’Oglio the other three), recognizing the excellent work done to date by the Foligno school. The squads attend the permanent technical center full time, directed by the Federal coaches Sebastian Vazquez and Riccardo Rosolin, with the aim of starting the difficult climb to the top of the world junior rankings.

Athletes attend a school, and are followed by federal coaches and qualified physical trainers. The girls who are part of the Permanent Technical Center for the 2017/2018 season are: Asia Serafini (2003), Eleonora Alvisi (2003), Matilde Paoletti (2003), Matilde Mariani (2002), Alessandra Simone (2003), Beatrice Ricci ( 2003)

Under the guidance of Federal Coaches Sebastian Vazquez and Riccardo Rosolin, the girls will train at the center of Viale Roma throughout the year, from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon. For the athletic part they will be followed daily by Prof. Fabrizio Roscini of the Tennis Training and sometimes they will be able to share the training sessions with the best TTSjunior players. The girls are followed for the mental part by the sports psychologist and 2nd level mental trainer FIT Sergio Costa.