Alessio Torresi talks about the Junior program

Concluded a 2017 in which the Tennis Training Villa Candida of Foligno has confirmed the first place among the tennis schools of Italy, the technical staff has begun the 2018 in the sign of the continuity continuing a path of growth of all the sectors.
As for the youth sector, the 2017 budget can only be very satisfactory. It was a year that saw a surge in enrollment at school by young prospects from all over Italy.

“Yes, in the past year we have seen a boom especially for the men’s sector – explains Alessio Torresi, head of the Junior sector – an area where a large group of homogeneous kids have arrived regarding age and level”.

Valuable kids to work on but who have what it takes to do well.

“Everyone comes from a different situation. The initial work involved a cognitive phase from both sides, it was useful for us to evaluate them more in depth and to them to understand how we work here and what we want from them. Then began the second phase in which each of them began to follow a personalized work, a long-term path to follow and assimilate without having too much haste to immediately pursue the results.
Ultimately we have a nice Junior group that does full, national and international activities. A very challenging job for them but also for us masters that we have to cover a tough and long vintage “.

“For results we must always grow, learn and raise the bar higher and higher” echoes Rebecca Alessi, head of the women’s sector. For example, maintaining a very high quality ratio for each student: “Every year we grow staff and teachers and will always be like this. Each teacher will have fewer students to create a relationship very similar to that of a real coach. We have reconfirmed the first place in the ranking of Italian tennis schools and it is a great result because it is always difficult to reconfirm “. Growth of the technical staff that is going hand in hand with that of the structures: “We will make a major step forward – continues Alessi – when the new fields will be ready This will give us the opportunity to have more space and therefore more freedom. We will put even more meat to the fire in a structure that gives us the opportunity to confront the boys of the Permanent Technical Center of the Federation. The goal is to focus more and more on the growth of the boy and the player so that it comes out better “.


For the head coach of the Junior sector Fabrizio Roscini, the key to making a talent grow is the ability to learn to train.

“The boys, in the first place, must learn to train. This means managing workloads and being able to recognize times when they feel more tired, because the daily routine can lead them to go beyond what their body can sustain. To do this, the collaboration between the athletic part and the masters is very important. In the days when you go more on the athletic side, lighter sessions and vice versa must be taken in the field “.

And one of the aspects on which to pay more attention is certainly that of posture.

“If there is a problem we are going to work with personalized programs going to work on the recovery of any postural imbalances, but also on the technique of the exercises to allow them to get to work as adults on important loads”.

This is the fourth year that Roscini also review the role of athletic trainer of the Federation group that trains at Villa Candida

“At Villa Candida there are also six athletes trained under the aegis of FIT, among the best national prospects, managed by two masters and perfectly integrated in the context of the school. For my part, following both them and the girls of Tennis Training, is a very good idea to evaluate the national panorama of the best.
The peculiarity of the Permanent Technical Center of Foligno lies in the fact that it is not a reality in itself but, when the training requires it, the girls are compared to each other and this certainly leads to a variety in training. I think that, also in light of this, it is a very good investment by the Federation”.


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