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According to the new classification of the Tennis schools established by the italian tennis
federation, the Tennis Training Villa Candida a 5-star school (Top school).
In 2015 it was awarded by FIT as the second best italian tennis school among the over 1700 existing throughout the national territory, while in 2016 and in 2017 it was nominated THE BEST TENNIS SCHOOL IN ITALY.
Established in the summer 2007 thanks to four coaches with the same passion for tennis who wanted to create something new and unique for all fans of this sport, today the school has grown to become the tennis center of excellence .
Since 2014 the italian tennis federation has chosen villa candida tennis training school as the headquarters of the permanent coaching center where the best italian talents train all year round trained by Sebastian Vazquez and Riccardo Rosolin.

Tennis Training Shool is run by Fabrizio Alessi,  ATP international coaches Fabio Gorietti and Federico Torresi,Alessio Torresi, Rebecca Alessi, Chiara Gemma, Marco Marcelli, Nicola Rambotti, Mauro Arcangeli and Simone Codovini. The athletic training is entrusted to Fabrizio Roscini, Gian Franco Palini, Alessio Bianchi and Nicolas Villalba.
Some of the Professional Atp Players at Tennist Training School:
Thomas Fabbiano (best ranking ATP 70), Luca Vanni ( best ranking ATP 100),¬†Gianluigi Quinzi (best ranking ATP 165), Laurynas Grigelis (best ranking ATP 183)…

Tennis Training School